Monday, February 17, 2014

Elizabeth's Firsts this month

1st time making chores go by faster: she emptied the dishwasher of everything plastic and got it all on the right shelves in the pantry, then passed me silverware to put away. She also climbed head first into the laundry basket and tossed out clothes faster than I could sort them into piles - and didn't scatter the existing piles once. Then she turned on the washing machine for me. She didn't get the temperature settings right though - maybe next time. 

1st total meltdown in the grocery store: The day before Valentine's Day, I had to run in to get snacks for her class party and thought it would be nice to let her help me pick things out. Upon being told that we didn't need a grocery cart, she fling herself down on her face in front of the florist stand and started screaming. She didn't stop until a nice clerk gave her a free chocolate covered strawberry. Then she did it AGAIN in the goldfish aisle. I'm pretty sure she ate half a bag of goldfish before we got out of the store. But her valentines were cute :)

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